Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Film Review: Twilight

Yeah. I watched Twilight.

I'm going to start off by saying that Twilight was not the worse film I have ever seen. If ranked against all the movies I have watched it would be solidly in the middle and it definitely could have been a better movie. Some of the flaws are similar to ones you see in the Harry Potter movies, not enough happening as action.

There are some very good parts in the movie, the problem is that they are surrounded by terrible parts. The beginning is slow and boring, the dialogue is maddening and there is just something seriously wrong with Bella. I think she's clinically depressive. The only time we see her have any personality is when she interacts with Edward and she has no reason to want to be dead, at least no reason I could see from watching the movie. It's not like she's dying from cancer or something, she's just a whiny bitch.

I actually kept thinking about the article from Cracked I read recently that revealed the original screenplay written for Paramount for Twilight. Two words, Vampire Commandos. Take everything about the Twilight vampires and make them commandos. They would be pretty cool, particularly if you change 'sparkles in sunlight' to 'blinds those foolish enough to look directly at them'. We can all dream about what could have been.

What I think was the worst part of the Twilight movie was actually the story is good. How it is told not so much, but the basic story is good. I suppose the one thing we can learn from Twilight is that all a book really needs is a good plot and then people will read it.

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