Saturday, June 25, 2011

Long overdue GOALS post

So apparently I never recreated my GOALS post for 2011. I can see why, I've been busy living in a new state on the other side of the country that is beautiful and warm all year round and because I've been trying to steer this blog away from me just bitching. 'Cause no one wants to read that.

The previous post I made was Dec 31, 2009 for the year 2010 and here is what I wrote
But this is a traditional time to make GOALS so here it goes.
-Reach my goal weight of 175 lbs. I should be able to do this by the end of March at the earliest, by the end of the year at the latest.
-Get a job in theatre. Obvious. Perhaps I'll be less picky.
-Participate in Script Frenzy [2010]. 100 script pages in the 30 days of April. Like NaNo but with more dialogue.
-Get a home. Directly attached to the job part. Hopeful, very hopeful.
 I should also add this other one I picked up as I  passed the year.
I need to get a life.
 So that is five things on the list.

I haven't lost much weight, but at the moment I am living in my car and eating only two meals a day. If this doesn't cause me to lose weight nothing will.

I currently have a very low paying job in theatre. It's something but at this point I just want work so that I can stop worrying about money.

I did participate and win Script Frenzy in 2010. I also became an ML (local event coordinator) for 2011. I completed Nano 2010 as well. Doing this I discovered that I like writing a lot. I got terrible grades in English when I was in school which discouraged me from telling stories and I am extremely thankful to Nanowrimo for helping me get over years of pessimistic teachers. Overall I have discovered that I enjoy screenwriting better than noveling. I'm probably just more familiar with the format with my college education in theatre.

As posted above, I'm living in my car right now with all my worldly possessions. I would really like a place that I can get comfortable and stay for awhile. Sadly, you need money for that. I'm definitely working hard towards this goal.

For other GOALS I am creating, I want to write another screenplay so that I might be able to get representation. One that doesn't have a metric shit ton of required special effects, because I won't get a shit ton of effects for my first sold script.
  • Get a life
    • Get a job
    • Get a home
  • Become physically fit
    • Exercise
    • Lose weight
  • Write more
    • Write a novel in November
    • Write a low budget screenplay
That makes a very pretty list doesn't it?

Building ideas

Some people would say that it's a crazy idea to brainstorm ideas on the Internets where anyone can steal your idea. As I'm going to describe this idea I think you're going to realize why I'm not that worried.

I didn't feel like working on any of my works in progress yesterday so I did a bit of free writing. I was basically doing torture porn (god, why am I putting that word in a post?) because I'm doing light board operation for a torture themed play.

So it starts out as a bunch of gang members being tortured to death by a rival gang. There is death, blood, sacrifice. Then the cops show up and stop it before they are done. It ends with a kind of happy ending with two of the five gang members getting out with only bullet wounds and several psychological wounds.

Suddenly I have an idea for a story. These remaining men decide that their going to form a gang that kills the most violent of gang offenders. They train with high powered sniper rifles and eventually quell gang violence. They still want more though so they start going after other violent offenders. First murderers, then manslaughter, then assaults, until they start killing people for having loud arguments and talking in the theatre.

Now how to use it? Have a story about a cop trying to apprehend them? Or I could have the story told from the point of view of one of the members, ending with him getting caught and killing someone in prison. I could also have it as a side story to something else. Maybe a guy gets accused of murdering someone but is being framed and the White Falcons (that's the name of the gang) decide that they need to go after him for evading justice. Or maybe it's a contract killer that is being tailed by the Falcons. Or maybe they just show up at the end, shoot the villain and leave - and never explain it.

But that would be mean wouldn't it? But that is what is going around in my head today. Amazing stuff isn't it?