Monday, April 20, 2009

Shit Happens II

So it's been awhile. Hell, blogger actually made me sign in today. I had a busy week trying to finish work while dodging performances. I've started work on several end of year (and of college) projects. Have my final review on Thursday, so I'll be dressing up all spiffy.

Still looking for a job and trying to clean up the shit I don't need lying around my apartment anymore. Sometimes I pick up clothes and go "why did I buy this?". Those will be going to Goodwill. I also realized that I'm missing things and I really can't figure out where they could've gone. Have that "I put them in a "safe" place, but can't remember where" feeling going on.

Yesterday I broke my headphones and today the belt clip on my iPod broke. Brought new ones. The belt clip doesn't really fit on my usual belt. The headphones are the cheap ones, not the $100 ones, since I go through them like candy.

My wrist is hurting again. Think it has to do with the watch I brought a while a back which cut the circulation off to my hand. I don't use that watch anymore, for the last two months at least, though so now I'm a bit confused.

Still working on losing weight. Probably will not reach my previously stated goal. But I feel like I'm at the lower end of 210 right now. That makes me feel better. Oddly though I haven't been able to drink enough water recently. I'll drink a couple Cokes and then go "shit" and drink a liter of water. Weird.

Anyway, enough flow of consciousness for one day.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Awesome Job I Want

I found an awesome job I believe I qualify for in Los Angeles.
They have an opening for a CAD drafter, with a preference in Vectorworks.
I'm very excited. And nervous.
I'm looking for theatre jobs in scene design. While these jobs are available everywhere in the US most of them are effectively, "if your interested in designing, tell us when your free and we'll see if we can fit you in.". That would be fine if I lived anywhere that had a large theatre sector, but I don't. I went to college in southwest Virginia, where our closest theatre just closed, from what sounds like mismanagement, and the next closest is about two hours away, not counting the universities. I'm from northern Virginia, but surprisingly DC does not have that many theatres. Most are very big name non-profits and they are currently not hiring.
I should also mention that around this time of year there are a lot of "summer stock" openings. They are exactly what they sound like, theatre position just for the summer. There are many excellent theatre that run this way, using undergraduate actor and vacationing professors to do incredible theatre. Problem is that on or around July 14, I don't remember exactly, I will not have a home, so where ever I work this summer really needs to be a more permanent position so that I can move there, probably for a year. Also in December I will have to start paying off $21,000 of student loans, so I need to be making money, which summer stock is not great at.
What I need is a semi permanent position in one of the major entertainment cities (LA, NYC, Las Vegas, Chicago) so that I can then do the random little "I'm in town and bored" jobs.
I'm hyper cause I took a Excedrin migraine at 11:30pm

Friday, April 10, 2009

Shit happens

As I haven't posted recently I thought I would.

Sadly, I have nothing to say. Which would explain why I haven't posted. If I ever have people who actually read this I'll take updates much more seriously, but until then I do what I want.

On all of the sites I go to on a regular basis I always read how people get pissed off by lack of updates. I get the feeling too. I randomly come to the conclusion that the free entertainment provided by the blogger or cartoonist or whatever absolutely must appear everyday at about the same time, or at least everyday. Randy Milholland, who draws Something Positive, recently put a notice in his blog about some guy (named Patrick H.) who got insulted by one of his strips and declared that he was leaving forever, because you know how much one random person leaving the Something Positive reader community will irrevocably destroy the entire site.

I bring this up because the MCR guys haven't been updating, which they claim on twitter is because they are working on their new album and/or celebrating Mr. G's birthday and/or... watching Ghostbusters? I can't keep track.

Speaking of music, I need a new CD. The most recent one I got was Folie à Deux and I've been cycling through having all the songs getting stuck in my head. Currently it's Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet... really what are they on when they come up with these names??? Getting another CD may not save me but it could help.

Enough of this. I have another five Pathfinder characters to create by tomorrow morning.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Looking for a Warmer Climate

In looking for a job I have decided that I want to be in a warmer climate.
Yesterday it was 60 degrees, today it snowed. This is unacceptable. This also why I don't believe in global warming.
The difficulty is that my occupation directs me to live in certain areas, the largest are New York City, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. I can theoretically get jobs around the entire country, but those are the main areas.
Difficulty #2 - The companies search locally because plenty of the people who do these jobs are already there. So now I have to check the local listing for these places, well not New York, because NYC is fucking cold. It's at least 10 degrees of latitude north of my current location and I believe that my current location is too damn cold.
I have about 30 days until I graduate and I have no prospects, which wouldn't be that bad except I keep seeing ads for the new Camaro (no blogger, I did not misspell "Camry") and I reaalllllly want one. It's smaller and faster than my current vehicle, which is a '92 Caprice, so I am a little partial to Chevrolet. And it would be doing my part for the economy! Even though it would double the debt from my student loans!
Sigh, excuse while I search the LA Times for jobs.

Monday, April 6, 2009


I'm working on reading more. I love reading, I'm just highly distracted and if I stop reading it is hard for me to start again. When I am reading I can't stop, and I read quite fast, I've met a couple people who read faster than me but they are few and far in between.

I'm currently reading a H.P. Lovecraft collection, Brisinger, a Neil Gaiman book (not one of the award winning ones), a business book, A Streetcar Named Desire (for class), Wicked, and Edenborn. I also have three or four other books that I have not started, due to the fact I'm already working on seven books (and that is assuming that I didn't miss one).

I'm trying to come up with some method to finish all of these books. I won't have a problem reading them once I start, its the starting that I have a problem with. I started working on the Lovecraft book last night, I think I have one story left in it, so I'll do that one first.

On another topic, I think that when I get to 210 lb my old acne medication starts kicking in, in other words I start getting hungry even though I shouldn't. I know that some drugs and vitamins stick around in your fat and can come back up when you lose weight. All I needed was for this to be more difficult.

I'm gonna down another thing of water now.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Losing Weight

I'm a bit over weight. I plan to lose weight. I've been planning to lose weight for three years. Now, I must admit that I haven't tried that hard over the years. This is the first time I've actively tried to eat less. I'm still working on the exercise thing, but the weather is getting nicer and I plan to start walking to class again.

My weight over the last couple of years has varied by about ten pounds, 210-220. What fascinates me that I can see the difference of weight in my face. I don't know if anyone else can, it does seem like the type of thing you only notice while shaving, but it makes me wonder what I would look like if I could successfully loose the other 30 pounds I'm trying for.

So hoping to learn that, I'm am single-handedly working on a large bowl of butter covered popcorn, which I believe is a better choice than having a real meal at this point. I really would like to loose another ten pounds before graduation, just because I believe it is possible, and it will make me feel warm and fuzzy.

There is no theme to my posts.


Friday, April 3, 2009

Dungeons and Dragons: How Not to Play

I play Dungeons and Dragons. I generally like the group I play with, which sucks since I will be moving away soon. My group does not do stupid illogical things, like use magic to look up dresses or burn the houses of people who snub them. We try very hard not to metagame, that is to make use of outside knowledge in the game (I know the weakness of certain monsters or how some traps work, but my character might not. The best example was in a Call of Chuthlu game where my friend was offered a glass of sherry from the guy he suspected was the villain. He knew outside of the game that the sherry was poisoned, but he had no reason to know in game, therefore his character and the police inspector both died of poisoned sherry). Old style gaming actually encouraged metagaming to a degree, mostly because the players did so often it didn't matter anymore. Our Dungeon Master was using a older adventure book for our game a couple weeks ago and it had a puzzle involving a chess board, which wouldn't have been a problem except it's a Dragonlance game and Krynn chess boards are either hexagonal or octagonal, I don't remember, but my point is that our characters couldn't have solved the puzzle and since we don't metagame, we were struck by a lot of lighting (except for my character because I was very lucky).

We do do one thing wrong. We cannot plan. We hear about a dragon ravaging a city and poof - we are there in six seconds (the fastest you can do anything in D&D). We used to have a player who would insist that we wait outside and stake out the place for three weeks and know the name of the dragon, the dragons parents, and everyone the dragon has eaten in the last decade. Since he graduated we have done some foolish things. 

  • We when after the most powerful of the dragon demigods first. Since we were so low level we actually helped him. He is currently ravaging the countryside.
  • Yes, we did poof in. Then we smashed his birthday cake and poofed out. Technically, we should have died in that, uh, "battle".
  • One of our allies hid the artifacts for two other dragon demigods in the sewers of a major city. We expect someone more devoted than us will eventually dig them up.
  • And finally, we scryed on an enemy wizard, beat up his guards, scryed on him some more since he had escaped and then followed him into the enemy base because they said they were going to "muster the troops". They had a lot of troops. As well as five dragons and a wyvern.
The last one was the worst. We really had no reason to go there. We accomplished nothing other than killing a couple dozen men and two dragons. We have this inability to just stop and plan out an attack or even realize that while the one battle we were in was small, this one will be much bigger and more dangerous and they are already prepared for our attack because they are a military base.

Just had to get that out.


P.S. Saw some tactical team guys while we playing. They were locking down the building. Really causes you to do a double take.