Monday, March 30, 2009

I miss my friends

When I got to college I decided that I would have friends while here. It was quite hard for me, as I am shy and literally had no friends (not an exaggeration) in high school. I started hanging out with some people, moved in with a couple of them and to this day still have trouble with them not telling me about things (i.e. we're going to the movies later, would you like to come?).

The trick is that happened to choose some older students. Couple of super seniors, but mostly just upperclassmen, so as tends to happen in college, after awhile they started graduating. Several of them are still in the area post grad, in fact I'm the only one in my apartment that is still a student. Others have gotten incredibly busy with their senior work and I never see them anymore. The club I joined to meet all of these people is now full of morons, who are proud of being stereotypes, and I cannot attend the meetings anymore even though I am now an officer.

The other day I when out with a couple of my friends who have been busy and/or moved away. I missed their personalities, both of which are severely non standard, and could easily be considered rude, crude and (definitely) disgusting. 

I'm far too young to reminisce about the "good times" like this.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Twittering Against Dragons

I've found that I really enjoy Twitter. I started using it about a week before I started blogging and I only follow famous people, but that only because I don't give a damn about normal people. I started by following the members of MCR, then Wil Wheaton, then Adam Savage... I get random entertaining comments all day. It's something to do.

Today I pressed the "everyone" button (I want everything! wua ha ha ha!) and found the band I Fight Dragons. They aren't that bad and they are obsessed with Nintendo products. They even a a niffy 8-bit game on their Myspace page where you get to slay dragons. It actually gets quite hard after awhile. I totally plan on buying one of their shirts once I have a little less anti-money cause a shirt that says "I Fight Dragons" is just awesome.

Are you learning something about me?

Other than that I actually went to work today, which was a bit more exhausting than I had thought it would be. On the plus side when I signed out I realized it had been a full month since the last time I worked. What was the chance of that!

Now pray for a bit as I have to work tomorrow and go to my friend's show and do all of the work I missed over my trips and illness.



Thursday, March 26, 2009

Reply in minimum of 200 words.

I've decided that my posts need to be longer. My last post was about 175, so from now on I'm going for a 200 word minimum. Honestly I'm terrible about writing large amounts, but I like to challenge myself.

I'm almost over being sick. I went to the doctor, who gave me drugs. Two out of three taste like crap. Two of them I'm suppose to take twice a day which I hate because I'm the type of person who tries really hard to get them at equidistant times.  That's every twelve hours so seven at night and seven in the morning. That's hard to do when you also need to eat a full meal before using one of the medications. I not a big breakfast person, I can't eat breakfast food at breakfast, not sure why, don't mind it at any other time of the day.

In other news the edit box for this blog is being a dick. First, it was running off the page, now it is too big for me to see everything... font size got bigger somehow... odd. But it gave me something to type about for a couple more lines.

I'm a master of BS.


(Note: I just spelled equidistant correct on my first try. I can't spell either, therefore I'm highly proud of myself)

Sunday, March 22, 2009


I always find myself comparing things to others. Sometimes it's normal things like is this a good chocolate cookie sometimes it's a bit weirder like can I tell where some one lives by how they look.
Now I'm starting to divide people up by they conversation material. I hung out with the guy I was rooming with this pass week and I didn't care at all for the conversation. It was all about drinking (we had another guy who turned 21 while we were there) and sex. It wasn't amusing. 
Conversations I like occur when you take a normal circumstance and look at it from a different direction and take it all the way down that path. Watch an episode of Robot Chicken and you will understand what I mean. It will take some time to train people into this way of thinking - they may suddenly stop in the middle of the conversation and declare that it should never have happened but that goes away after awhile. 
And it is far more amusing.


I'm starting have cravings for things. This happens everytime I get sick I get cravings for things that should not be eaten while sick. Currently - bacon, Popeyes chicken and french fries, tater tots, instant potatoes, domnios pizza, and the list is growing.

Tried the pizza, it was... okay... Think I'm going for potatoes next.



So I got sick. Missed out on some events going on. Still don't have a job. Back home and still sick. Slept a lot better in my bed here than there. Sadly I still can't taste anything properly. And I have work to do.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Arrr... there be no jobs here...

So I looked at the jobs they have here. Not much... at all... Like not just what I'm looking for - all of the areas are almost completely dead. I paid $50 for a page and a half landscape list of jobs. Hopefully they're will be some last minute people who aren't on the list.
Only two jobs that interested me and I'm not qualified for them and I don't say that lightly, I really don't qualify for them. And one was only a seasonal position. 
Can you say fucked?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Money - the lack thereof

Traveling for two week in a disconnected row costs a lot of money. I've already passed my record from last year by $300 on my credit card bill and I still have four days. I get paid the week after I get back but that won't cover much at all.
Pray I get a job here.


No Syfy!Image by aharvey2k via Flickr
The new Scifi name sucks.
That just needed to be said. I been reading a book on business and it touched on how corporations work their projects. Very literally they look at them as an immediate moneymaker. They don't consider what will come in the future because that will be someone elses job. In this case they are rebranding a well known channel for innate reasons. It is driving aways viewers from the channel, more so than the WWE crap that keeps showing up - really they have to be losing 75% of their viewership everynight that comes on.
Done ranting for the moment.


I keep looking at the gadget options hoping that there will be something cool in there. There isn't. I feel gypped. I don't know what I want but it should be awesome and I should be able to find it easily. Most of them have expired or died, etc and dammit, I paid absolutely nothing for this blog so it should come with hundreds of working gadgets. The worst are the ones that don't even have a title. I don't know what I'm missing. They could be awesome, I'll never know.

I'm really bored.


Far away

So I'm currently out of town looking for a job at a trade convention, which happens to also have a job expo type dealie. I came down early because they mitigate my admission if I do volunteer work during the convention and I was hoping to get some of it done (they want 15 hours) before the convention actually started. That didn't quite work out. I'm now here mostly alone, my friend spent the day with his grandmother, in the downtown area of a major city. In a few moments I get to start looking for not expensive food, a task that challenges me to my core.
See? Still blogging. I bought a week of hotel Internet so I might as well.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Speaking of food...

You know when your thinking of something and something related to it suddenly comes up? Like when you are thinking of someone and you suddenly bump into them? Or you remember an old TV show and the next day you find out it reruns at a time you have nothing better to do?

Or you blog about how your a picky eater and then immediately learn of a site of disgusting food?

I think I'm going to be ill.



I bite my fingers. Not my finger nails, my fingers. Around the nail. Looks really bad right after my shower. I know I do it as a nervous habit, but I have nothing to be nervous about right now - except impending job interviews, but those aren't til the end of the week. I once used that stuff the tastes bad on my nails to prevent it, but I found I couldn't lick my fingers (yeah, a little disgusting) and it tended to get into my sandwiches. That was unacceptable as I kind of live on sandwiches.

I'm a purist with most of what I like: regular coke, (extra) cheese pizza, real mayo and only real mayo on my sandwich. I don't try new things often mostly because I don't know when the next time I'm going to eat is, don't have the money to get it properly prepared, or don't want people mad at me when I hate it. Last one is for my mother - she's used to me not eating her food because I'm "picky", but she'd get a whole other type of mad if I tried her food and disliked it. If I'm somewhere where I can try something without repercussions I do - noting where I am (Chinese buffet - bad place to try shrimp)

This is how my mind works


Day One

For some reason I've gotten it in my head to start blogging. We'll see how this goes. I'm going to try to stay anonymous for as long as I can, but I'm sure I'll get bored of that if I don't get bored of the whole concept soon. That said I'm a senior about to get an undergraduate art degree on the east coast of the United States. Currently I'm looking for work and will hopefully move somewhere exciting. I live my life through optimism, even when things suck I believe that I, or we, will get through it and life will go on and that all dreams can come true if you believe in them.

All for now.