Saturday, March 17, 2012

Silent Film

I may not have been posting but I have written a couple of posts that never got finished. I apparently wrote this one at 2011-11-20 18:02 PST.

Reading through Craigslist I saw a writing job posted that wasn't really a job. They weren't asking for something specific written and then they would pay you, they were looking for people to review their film and get the word out that it existed.

Now they weren't very clear about what this film was about, they included a link, and they liked to throw out that they had submitted it to the Oscars, but I quickly got lost on the idea. I closed the tab and moved on.

The only thing that stuck with me is that they apparently did it as a silent film. Now that is interested. It requires a certain amount of pretentiousness to even try that, but it makes me curious. They said something about it being 1920's (which was a awesome time period) which makes it work more and implies that it might be in black and white. Let it be known that I really get pissed off at people that film in black and white just because they can. Once again it mostly just shows how pretentious the writer and director is.

In a time that we are more and more concerned about realism why do people suddenly want to show things in black and white? The world isn't black and white, it isn't even in shades of gray, it's in endless varieties of color that we can't even see with the human eye. So why simplify it down to gray?

Anyway, I don't care about that. The silent film aspect is what interests me. I love writing dialogue. I'm of the generation that can't go for five minutes without quoting a television show. I can't imagine writing without dialogue or with only placecards. The concept terrifies me, almost as much as trying to write a play using the three unities (Time, place, and conflict).

Still not  finished and probably never will be. I stand by my 'pretentious' line though. You have to be very pretentious to actually win an Oscar...

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