Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What is 'meh'

I'm in the mood to write a post and I'm not sure about what. The biggest thing I'm thinking right now it how The Wolverine was kind of meh.

So what is 'meh'? It's not good. If it was good I would say it was good. It wasn't bad, I would say it was bad. It's not even okay. Okay has some implication I liked it. My friend likes to show me things and then immediately ask me if I like it. How am I supposed to answer ten seconds after I see it? I rarely like things that often, on the other hand several of my favorite things started as being very meh to me. My last post was about realizing my favorite series from my childhood it so meh I can't suggest it to people.

So is meh a holding pattern while I come to a real decision? I almost want to say it's a case where there's nothing making me like it so I sort of default to not liking it. The one thing I can say about meh is when I think something is meh I'm still willing to read or see a sequel as if I was a blank canvas - it might even have a better chance because I have no expectations about it (which is the best way to enjoy something. If you think it's going to be awesome it will suck because it will never be as awesome as you imagine).

So, yeah. The Wolverine was meh. This post in kind of meh too.

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