Friday, May 14, 2010

Caught up in academics

Once again I'm caught up in looking at academics. My grades aren't quite good enough for grad school, about 2.7, you really want 3.0. Of course for every year of experience you can consider you GPA to be a .1 higher. Sadly I have no extra experience.

So when I say this is academic I'm really meaning it. I browse over the colleges near where I want to live to see if they have programs I might be interested in. Not many do, most are vague on what they are looking for and what they teach, or they claim to be generic and appear to lean a bit towards performance.

I look over them and really really want to start doing the things they describe, no matter how vague they are. I haven't done anything remotely theatre related for the last year. I haven't drawn, I haven't built, I haven't painted. I haven't had a problem that needed solving that I could just go an fix. I feel more than a little bit helpless right now.

I made a list and on it is drawing. I really want to draw, and I hate to sound trite, but I don't have inspiration here. I've lived here for twenty-two years, it all seems very dull after twenty-two years.

I feel like I shouldn't post deary crap, but as long as I keep in mind that I'm unhappy here, maybe I'll be able to leave.

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