Sunday, July 17, 2011

Time to get to work

I nearly have a job. A job job. In my field. I've been trying to get away from these posts where I whine. No one wants to hear me whine. As it is I removed the Employment tag from my cloud on the sidebar because it was so big that I would never have another topic as large since almost every post was tagged that for awhile. I stopped with the employment and lack of money posts but kept on writing in here occasionally.

I attempted to write more interesting things rather than random mundane rants, problem quickly became that I didn't have time to say, see a movie and then review it, or another event. I have actually seen some movies and events, I just haven't had the time to write about them.

I would like to do that some more. I should take notes about what I should write about so I can put it on here. It would be a good way to maintain my ability to critique the arts.

Anyway, I will hopefully have the time and money to devote more time to writing stuff for this blog in the future. I miss it a little bit, but I always look at being unable to work on it as a good sign that I have better things to do than sit around blogging.

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