Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Coming to a close

So I'm two days and 8 hours aways from graduation. I still do not have a job, have one more project to finish and have two borderline classes that I really have to pass.
The job I was looking into requested my drawing but I haven't heard back since then. I blame my parents. The company emailed me back very vaguely requesting my drawings and to interview me this week, which I couldn't because of my finals. Trying to figure the best way to phrase my reply I asked my parents advice, which delayed my response my three days. They freaked out about the cost of flying to LA for an interview, what the job was, how much it would pay, was the company any good (which they got confirmation that it was), in other words way too much freaking out far too early in the process. Hopefully that is not why I haven't heard back. I really would have loved that job.
Anyway I keep checking the job sites, but nothing amazing has popped up (I was getting kind of set on LA). I am more convinced than before to not move back to Northern VA after my brother told me about my mother's lack of faith that I will get a job. If I ever win an award, the line "my parents who always believed in me" will not be in my acceptance speech.
All five of my immediate family members are coming in on Friday for my graduation (I get to walk whether or not I actually graduate) so I have some fun soon. Free"er" food if nothing else.
Guess I should finish this project.

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