Monday, April 20, 2009

Shit Happens II

So it's been awhile. Hell, blogger actually made me sign in today. I had a busy week trying to finish work while dodging performances. I've started work on several end of year (and of college) projects. Have my final review on Thursday, so I'll be dressing up all spiffy.

Still looking for a job and trying to clean up the shit I don't need lying around my apartment anymore. Sometimes I pick up clothes and go "why did I buy this?". Those will be going to Goodwill. I also realized that I'm missing things and I really can't figure out where they could've gone. Have that "I put them in a "safe" place, but can't remember where" feeling going on.

Yesterday I broke my headphones and today the belt clip on my iPod broke. Brought new ones. The belt clip doesn't really fit on my usual belt. The headphones are the cheap ones, not the $100 ones, since I go through them like candy.

My wrist is hurting again. Think it has to do with the watch I brought a while a back which cut the circulation off to my hand. I don't use that watch anymore, for the last two months at least, though so now I'm a bit confused.

Still working on losing weight. Probably will not reach my previously stated goal. But I feel like I'm at the lower end of 210 right now. That makes me feel better. Oddly though I haven't been able to drink enough water recently. I'll drink a couple Cokes and then go "shit" and drink a liter of water. Weird.

Anyway, enough flow of consciousness for one day.


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