Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm also a liar.

So you know how I ended the last post by saying that I would get to sleep at the right time and get up at a decent hour. That was a bunch of lies.

For some reason I have been having a terrible time getting to sleep. I might be thinking to much when I'm trying to fall asleep. Instead of normal fantasies, I now seem to require a beginning, a middle, and an end. The good part is in the middle and I draw out the end forever. Guess there is a downside to NaNo.

Today, after I finally woke up, I got this idea that I should start playing with my camera more often. I think this a lot. I got the idea by watching Shane Dawson TV last night instead of sleeping and thinking that any idiot with a camera could do that. Difficulty - I'm not anywhere as good looking as Shane Dawson (who I should mention is one of the people younger than me who are much more successful). Also that fucks with the anonymous dealie that I'm working with.

So that is delayed until I lose fifty pounds and regrow my hair. Which might actually happen one day.

Until then I'm going to try working on pseudo-public speaking. Maybe I'll podcast. some of the cool kids are doing that, right? If nothing else I want to get use to hearing my own voice. Just messing around today I felt like I need to speak more so that I start speaking clearly.

I rarely talk. If you let me start, I never shut up, but it's actually fairly rare that I start talking in the first place. And that inability to continue speaking for more than two minutes is the reason I will never win American Idol.

I would normally say that I'd never actually do this, but I also never thought I would blog for a year, or write a novel, or write a script, or...

No, that's it.

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