Monday, August 16, 2010

Bad week was bad.

How bad can a week get?

Last week I had an interview, or I thought I did. It was a pre-interview. All I discovered is that they don't pay enough to live in Los Angeles. Before my interview I was looking at apartments. Some of the people there gave me odd looks for wearing a suit - there goes that place.

I looked at another the day after and it was not as advertised. I understand the concept of a studio apartment, but how can you live without at least a stove? Every day or so I look at rooms for rent, but they usually cost the same for an entire apartment. They must be amazing rooms.

So no work and no home... still. How is this any worse than every other week?

I also finally broke my laptop. $800 dollars later I have a new laptop, but it was a lot of stress that I didn't need right now. Also my computer can now actually play games. That's bad.

After that I kind of decided the week was just fucked. Didn't even try for the rest of it. What I did do was work on my screenplay from Script Frenzy. I even I bought a book to help me. Do I get extra points for distractions?

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