Sunday, August 29, 2010

Leasing agents suck

I wish I could say that I'm happily in a new apartment but that isn't the case. Part of the problem is the leasing agents. They don't seem to understand that their job it to sell these apartments. They're impossible to get a hold of, know little about the property, and don't offer to answer questions or even applications for the apartments.

So I would really like to have a place by the end of the week if reality doesn't fight against it. Find a place, convince the leasing agent to actually give me the proper paperwork for it.

Why does this need to be so complicated?

Need a job still too, but that doesn't cost me $400 for every week I don't have it. For some reason I keep being optimistic about the job thing. There will be one next week, winter season is starting, I can find one close to where I get an apartment, etc.

I still won't take just anything. You have to have limits on what you'll take, and maybe what I need is an employer that understands that.

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