Sunday, March 22, 2009


I always find myself comparing things to others. Sometimes it's normal things like is this a good chocolate cookie sometimes it's a bit weirder like can I tell where some one lives by how they look.
Now I'm starting to divide people up by they conversation material. I hung out with the guy I was rooming with this pass week and I didn't care at all for the conversation. It was all about drinking (we had another guy who turned 21 while we were there) and sex. It wasn't amusing. 
Conversations I like occur when you take a normal circumstance and look at it from a different direction and take it all the way down that path. Watch an episode of Robot Chicken and you will understand what I mean. It will take some time to train people into this way of thinking - they may suddenly stop in the middle of the conversation and declare that it should never have happened but that goes away after awhile. 
And it is far more amusing.

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