Monday, March 30, 2009

I miss my friends

When I got to college I decided that I would have friends while here. It was quite hard for me, as I am shy and literally had no friends (not an exaggeration) in high school. I started hanging out with some people, moved in with a couple of them and to this day still have trouble with them not telling me about things (i.e. we're going to the movies later, would you like to come?).

The trick is that happened to choose some older students. Couple of super seniors, but mostly just upperclassmen, so as tends to happen in college, after awhile they started graduating. Several of them are still in the area post grad, in fact I'm the only one in my apartment that is still a student. Others have gotten incredibly busy with their senior work and I never see them anymore. The club I joined to meet all of these people is now full of morons, who are proud of being stereotypes, and I cannot attend the meetings anymore even though I am now an officer.

The other day I when out with a couple of my friends who have been busy and/or moved away. I missed their personalities, both of which are severely non standard, and could easily be considered rude, crude and (definitely) disgusting. 

I'm far too young to reminisce about the "good times" like this.


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