Friday, March 27, 2009

Twittering Against Dragons

I've found that I really enjoy Twitter. I started using it about a week before I started blogging and I only follow famous people, but that only because I don't give a damn about normal people. I started by following the members of MCR, then Wil Wheaton, then Adam Savage... I get random entertaining comments all day. It's something to do.

Today I pressed the "everyone" button (I want everything! wua ha ha ha!) and found the band I Fight Dragons. They aren't that bad and they are obsessed with Nintendo products. They even a a niffy 8-bit game on their Myspace page where you get to slay dragons. It actually gets quite hard after awhile. I totally plan on buying one of their shirts once I have a little less anti-money cause a shirt that says "I Fight Dragons" is just awesome.

Are you learning something about me?

Other than that I actually went to work today, which was a bit more exhausting than I had thought it would be. On the plus side when I signed out I realized it had been a full month since the last time I worked. What was the chance of that!

Now pray for a bit as I have to work tomorrow and go to my friend's show and do all of the work I missed over my trips and illness.



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