Saturday, March 14, 2009


I bite my fingers. Not my finger nails, my fingers. Around the nail. Looks really bad right after my shower. I know I do it as a nervous habit, but I have nothing to be nervous about right now - except impending job interviews, but those aren't til the end of the week. I once used that stuff the tastes bad on my nails to prevent it, but I found I couldn't lick my fingers (yeah, a little disgusting) and it tended to get into my sandwiches. That was unacceptable as I kind of live on sandwiches.

I'm a purist with most of what I like: regular coke, (extra) cheese pizza, real mayo and only real mayo on my sandwich. I don't try new things often mostly because I don't know when the next time I'm going to eat is, don't have the money to get it properly prepared, or don't want people mad at me when I hate it. Last one is for my mother - she's used to me not eating her food because I'm "picky", but she'd get a whole other type of mad if I tried her food and disliked it. If I'm somewhere where I can try something without repercussions I do - noting where I am (Chinese buffet - bad place to try shrimp)

This is how my mind works


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