Monday, April 6, 2009


I'm working on reading more. I love reading, I'm just highly distracted and if I stop reading it is hard for me to start again. When I am reading I can't stop, and I read quite fast, I've met a couple people who read faster than me but they are few and far in between.

I'm currently reading a H.P. Lovecraft collection, Brisinger, a Neil Gaiman book (not one of the award winning ones), a business book, A Streetcar Named Desire (for class), Wicked, and Edenborn. I also have three or four other books that I have not started, due to the fact I'm already working on seven books (and that is assuming that I didn't miss one).

I'm trying to come up with some method to finish all of these books. I won't have a problem reading them once I start, its the starting that I have a problem with. I started working on the Lovecraft book last night, I think I have one story left in it, so I'll do that one first.

On another topic, I think that when I get to 210 lb my old acne medication starts kicking in, in other words I start getting hungry even though I shouldn't. I know that some drugs and vitamins stick around in your fat and can come back up when you lose weight. All I needed was for this to be more difficult.

I'm gonna down another thing of water now.


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