Sunday, April 12, 2009

Awesome Job I Want

I found an awesome job I believe I qualify for in Los Angeles.
They have an opening for a CAD drafter, with a preference in Vectorworks.
I'm very excited. And nervous.
I'm looking for theatre jobs in scene design. While these jobs are available everywhere in the US most of them are effectively, "if your interested in designing, tell us when your free and we'll see if we can fit you in.". That would be fine if I lived anywhere that had a large theatre sector, but I don't. I went to college in southwest Virginia, where our closest theatre just closed, from what sounds like mismanagement, and the next closest is about two hours away, not counting the universities. I'm from northern Virginia, but surprisingly DC does not have that many theatres. Most are very big name non-profits and they are currently not hiring.
I should also mention that around this time of year there are a lot of "summer stock" openings. They are exactly what they sound like, theatre position just for the summer. There are many excellent theatre that run this way, using undergraduate actor and vacationing professors to do incredible theatre. Problem is that on or around July 14, I don't remember exactly, I will not have a home, so where ever I work this summer really needs to be a more permanent position so that I can move there, probably for a year. Also in December I will have to start paying off $21,000 of student loans, so I need to be making money, which summer stock is not great at.
What I need is a semi permanent position in one of the major entertainment cities (LA, NYC, Las Vegas, Chicago) so that I can then do the random little "I'm in town and bored" jobs.
I'm hyper cause I took a Excedrin migraine at 11:30pm

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