Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Looking for a Warmer Climate

In looking for a job I have decided that I want to be in a warmer climate.
Yesterday it was 60 degrees, today it snowed. This is unacceptable. This also why I don't believe in global warming.
The difficulty is that my occupation directs me to live in certain areas, the largest are New York City, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. I can theoretically get jobs around the entire country, but those are the main areas.
Difficulty #2 - The companies search locally because plenty of the people who do these jobs are already there. So now I have to check the local listing for these places, well not New York, because NYC is fucking cold. It's at least 10 degrees of latitude north of my current location and I believe that my current location is too damn cold.
I have about 30 days until I graduate and I have no prospects, which wouldn't be that bad except I keep seeing ads for the new Camaro (no blogger, I did not misspell "Camry") and I reaalllllly want one. It's smaller and faster than my current vehicle, which is a '92 Caprice, so I am a little partial to Chevrolet. And it would be doing my part for the economy! Even though it would double the debt from my student loans!
Sigh, excuse while I search the LA Times for jobs.

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