Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Plan B: Cost Too Much Money

So, Plan A was rejected.
They argued that I didn't have enough money to take a trip to a city, I still count that I could last at least a couple of weeks on my credit card.
My Catch-22 is that I can't move without a job and I cannot get a job without already living out there.
So I started looking for temp work. Now I always thought that temp agencies would talk to you, find out what you could do and then would come back to you with possible jobs. Not anymore at least. They are into the modern idea of "do it yourself without ever speaking to a real person" way of internet business. From looking at their websites, and I did look at several, I think they would be completely shocked if I walked in and asked for a job. I think only one of the the websites I looked at implied that they would let you walk in, but beyond that I question whether it would even be worth my time. All of the websites allow you to view all, or at least I hope they were all, of their listings before signing up. One site only had eight jobs in the North Virginia area, an area that spans about three counties and borders the District of Columbia. Other sites had more but they were ridiculously specific, no data entry jobs or even that many clerical jobs that nearly anyone could do, but things like computer programmer for languages I've never heard of before, bookkeepers, and even a dental hygienist.
You can't just wake up one day and be a dental hygienist, it requires very specific training. What are these jobs doing on a temp staffing site? I know that there are certain cases where you might be able to find people looking for these jobs. but not often and not int he time frame I would suspect you need for a temporary position.
So I applied to an AMC theatre thirty minutes away from where I live, mostly because everything is thirty minutes from where I live. Far more permenant than what I really what and probaly won't pay enough.
I'm going to try to convince my parents that they will save money by just sending me away for a month or so and I've started appling to the theatre jobs that say "local only" just in some vain hope they actually look at it anyway.

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