Saturday, July 18, 2009

What's Happening?

Pretty Lake
...still do not have a job. not have a place to live outside of my parent's.
...have not told my parent's of my "plan".
...have painted a deck.
...changed my license.
...saw Harry Potter VI (they cut too much).
Meanwhile my mother is obsessing over every conversation she has with my brother and his fiance. They are doing all the planning by themselves and my mother gets aggravated when she is not immediately informed of changes. Also they accused her off-white floral dress of being a white dress.
I am sick of hearing about it. Luckily the wedding is in only a couple weeks so I won't have to suffer for much longer. Except the airplane ride which I will be taking up with my parents. If it makes it there.
The wedding is what is really holding me on my plan as it is just easlier to wait until I don't have any commitments to move away.
Enough of this. About time for dinner.

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