Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Blogs blogs and more blogs!

I've become a bit addicted to blogs. Political blogs, design blogs, humor blogs. I just have to share some of these as most of them I learned of by reading other blogs.

The Bloggess - I only discovered this one a couple of days ago, but it literally makes me laugh out loud and it really isn't that often that I can say that about a website. In person it happens all the time.

The Dilbert Scott Adams Blog - rarely has anything to do with Dilbert, but it was named that because Scott Adams' claim to fame is drawing Dilbert, which is why they changed the name when they moved it. Anyway Scott sometimes has humorous stories and terribly flawed plans for a utopian society. Just remember that if he pissed you off you fell into his trap.

Warning! I'm a moderate conservative! These blogs are probably going to lean that direction.
Legal Insurrection - do you know how hard it is to find someone you agree with on most political issues? That's why I like reading Prof. Jacobson's blog. And of course that ego boost of being on the same side of a discussion with a Cornell law professor.
Hill Buzz - Four gay guys in Chicago who proclaim they are "hot for Hillary" (even when it stopped being cool) and dislike Obama (before it was cool). They now proudly look at candidates for office not based on the letter next to their names but by their actions as elected officials and as human beings.

Young House Love - a young couple (soon to be plus one), their chihuahua and their house. Starting as blogging a kitchen renovation they grew a large following and are sort of untrained experts in home improvements. Is that an oxymoron? I happen to be an interior design buff without a house to interior design so I have to get my fix vicariously
Volpin Props - This guys makes props from video games and such. Not those crappy ones though, really awesome ones. It's just cool, though he doesn't update often.

Calorie-Count Blog - the only thing I really try to read every week are the Success Stories, but the other articles are good sources of information. Just avoid the comments - a lot of "fat" sounding people.

Hope you enjoy

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