Wednesday, February 3, 2010

When in Rome...

When I go somewhere or purchase something I feel like I'm granting approval or disapproval of the advertisement for that product or service. I was somewhat interested in Avatar when I saw the trailer, but I lost all interest in the TV advertisements became all about the graphics. I have a degree in theatre and almost minored in film, the blatant disregard for the plot disgusts me. I have not and will not see Avatar in theaters, which is a shame because it is the type of film that should be seen in a theater. I'm also prepared for a bunch of crappy movies with cool graphics and crappy Science Fiction movie (or as the it is know in the publishing world, speculative fiction).

So I couldn't see that and Legion didn't look too good, so I did the only thing I could. I saw When in Rome.

Why did I, a guy, see a romantic comedy by myself? Well, for one, I'm incredibly lonely. Two, I really liked the advertisements for it. They don't even have Danny DeVito in the ads, who has a great role (did you think all of the men she have running after her were going to be young and handsome?).

I really enjoyed watching it. It was funny as both leads are slightly clumsy, with actual reasons, Beth (Kristen Bell) is paying attention to other things and Nick (Josh Duhamel) has a perception problem because he was struck by lightning (before the movie though there is one quick flashback for Josh Duhamel haters, if their are Josh Duhamel haters... why would you hate Josh Duhamel?), and it is only done sparingly. The plot requires some forgiveness, you see the trick easily - or I did at least, but it is completely believable that the Beth does not.

Most importantly, it made me laugh. How many comedies have you been to that you haven't really laughed? For me too many. Yeah, a lot of reviewers say that the comedy is slapstick and overdone, but I disagree. It's more like a joke taken to just far enough that you still find it funny.

So it's a good movie, you should go see it. If you're not confident in your masculinity, bring a girl along. Or you get there extra early and leave after everyone else, like I did.

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