Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Novel writing sucks

So one would think that being stuck in a house for a week with multiple feet of snow would make you want to write many blog entries, draw many pictures, and write many words. Yeah, no.

Being stuck inside makes me want to do just about anything else. I've said before that I don't like working on things when people can look over my shoulder so I'm not comfortable writing or drawing in the main areas of the house. Also most of the communal areas are only set up slightly better than my bedroom.

Only table is the kitchen table and my father has been working from his home office this week for obvious reasons. This is bad for two reasons, one, I feel like some one is watching what I'm doing all the time, even if it isn't active watching he has a general idea of when I woke up (about eight hours after I fell asleep). Two, all of his smoke stays in the house and because it's "cold" he doesn't open the window. On Monday night I had to open my window for a few minutes so that I could breathe. I don't consider this very cold, I think of it as refreshing.

Once again I reiterate, I need to move out of here. My doctor agrees. Anyway, back to my point.

I was doing pretty good on my little writing project. My due date is the end of March so that I can start the next day on Script Frenzy and I was only about a day behind. Emphasis on "was". I haven't been able to write. As I wrote the last couple of chapters I was getting to the end of what I really had planned out in my mind and having four supposedly major characters was becoming burdensome. The dialog I wrote for some of the characters was interchangeable and the conversation with the NPC (non-player character for those not in the know) was dull. Not to mention the NPC was really more likely to kill them and take their stuff instead of talking. I'm having too many cases of real world/fantasy world overlap, something I prefer to the way Narnia was done wherein the kids just accept the stupid nonsense that is going on. Mostly though I don't know what to do with three out of four characters. The last one is by himself and has all kinds of things to do, the others got to town and literally heard an old man say that the missing one is the chosen one. It's kind of like what a lot of NaNoers say about their stories going off in directions they never expected. My story informed me that I have three extra characters who need to return to the real world and forget about their cousin. Now even though this is not a NaNo project I'm still using their rules for story aspects I don't like - I can't delete the words. Perhaps as the story progresses I'll realized that I can use those extras, but until then that section of the novel will just sit and make me slightly closer to my goal.

Now to write several hundred words.

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