Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Exercise always hurts

I finally lay back down and did some sit-ups again. This was the first time since, September, I think. I wasn't posting about that much here so I don't know when it was.

Bring you all up to speed: I was trying to take the One Hundred Push Ups Challenge, along with the Two Hundred Sit ups, and Two Hundred Squats because if you can do that, you mus be healthy. I actually did fairly well for awhile. I was doing more push ups than ever and I started off with a shocking number of squats (almost too many for the first third of the challenge). I was having trouble staying on schedule since I don't tell any one what I'm trying to do but I was making progress. Slower than I was suppose to, but progress. I got to the two week mark at which point you're suppose to see how many you can do in a row without stopping to chose the difficultly level for the next two weeks. I had already been having new problems with my wrist which finally failed and couldn't hold my weight. So I stopped all three challenges for some reason.

Anyway, today I decided to start the sit ups again since I have been prepping my abs with isometric exercises and I don't think it's helping anymore. Now as far as I can tell, I didn't even post about my first time on here so here that goes.

I hadn't done any exercise in ages not counting the week before when I started the push ups. So I was not expecting to do very well on the start up test. Difficulty two, I wasn't doing "sit ups", I was going to be doing "curl ups", because sit ups can mess up your back. So I start to do these things after looking all over the internet trying to figure how a curl up is done. Basically, you start doing a sit up, but stop just as you get your back off the ground (35 degrees). In other words, you need to do the hard part, if the up starts getting easy you went too far. Now, me being use to doing full sit ups has trouble with this. It doesn't seem that hard, so I start doing a bunch trying to make sure that I was doing it right. Problem - I've now done a bunch right, a bunch too far, and a bunch not far enough, but they all add up. I fall back and every single muscle in my torso - my abdominal muscles all the way to my groin (you forgot they go down that far didn't you?), my pectoral muscles - all froze up. I've had some terrible charley horses in my legs before, I've accidentally allowed all of the blood to drain from my right arm, but this hurt worst. When it happens to a leg you straighten it out to the resting position, the resting position for your chest and abs it standing up and I couldn't use my abs to stand up. Oh, and your lungs move your chest when you breath. I did get up, using a secret technique taught in acting classes.

As you can guess, I survived. Today I did twenty-six sit ups before I decided I was done. I actually was able to pull my laptop over before my body decided, once again, that I over did it. Not anywhere as bad as last time, but they are still clenching a bit with me lying down right now, a good four hours later. I think it's more focused on my obliques this time, which would make sense with the isometric exercises. I was able to a practice round. The challenge trains you by having you do a set, then waiting a minute or so, then doing another set. I actually did enough that it wants me to do fifteen sit ups, rest then do another 10-15 five more times, and I thought it was crazy but I was able to do it.

So I'm at it again! And this time I have it on my calender.

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