Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Movie Review: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

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So I finally decided what to see. Went to see G.I. Joe, in my usual theater, with my free movie ticket. It was dissappointing.

Not because of many of he reasons that have been thrown around already. More for the corny names than anything else. Everything else they modified and evened out - to the point of the Joes being arrested after being found alone at the scene of destruction equiped with high tech weaponary, but they still have the stupid names. How do you keep a straight face saying those crappy names? Even good friends don't always use nicknames, that's part of knowing that they are really friends (as in knowing someone's real name).

Otherwise the graphics were fine, after some of the reviews I was scared of what I would see. The story was much better than I thought was possible for a movie about action figures. Though I liked the old version of Cobra being from an ancient alien race, than just being a emo kid. That said Joseph Gordon-Levitt did much better with then I think anybody expected him to. I don't think we give enough credit to actors and what roles that can play. We type cast a lot of young actors in young immature roles because they start in them and then resist them when they try to branch out.

It reminds me of Heath Ledger as the Joker, they all doubted at the time and now they feel like no one else could possibly do the character anywhere near the same character.

Enough for now. Added lots of extra reading for you.

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