Monday, October 5, 2009

Done so much and it ain't what needs to be done

Got back from my vacation in Cape Hatteras. I feel very guilty about it since you can't vacate a job you don't have, but it was free and I would have spent more money if I hadn't.

So... I just feel like updating... my job situation...

I graduated from school and decided to stay in my apartment until the end of my lease while I looked for a job. That way I could continue to hang out with my friends for a couple more months. I move back to my parents at the beginning of July because I still do not have a job. They "put me to work" which I resent because I spent two goddamn weeks doing everything except looking for a job. Lacking any finances for an exploratory mission, I continue to be stuck the largest city without theatrical venues (no matter what journalists say). I ended up traveling a lot because my parents happen to be and it's not like I'm going to get a job on a weekend anyway, but it really cuts up the weeks and makes time go faster. I was in Atlantic City one weekend and Detroit the next. One weekend hanging with a friend from school and a couple around Maryland then off to the Outer Banks for the vacation. Next, I have another wedding in North Carolina before you say "get a job you lazy bum" it's going to be November, thus the holiday season so Thanksgiving and Christmas, for which I have no money to buy presents.

Yeah, my life is kind of sucking right now. Post too long. Need another.

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