Sunday, September 27, 2009

About Me

Today is my twenty second birthday and I am currently on vacation at the beach. In honor of my birthday I am breaking some of my original statements about being anonymous.

My name is Alexander. In real life I go by Alex, but I can't stand to see "Alex" in print. I always sign my full name and it was just a coincidence that I started using "Xander" online. I'm quite use to it now and like it a lot better.

I am a white male, I'm about fifty pounds overweight, actively dieting, and 5'11". I'm a "picky" eater, but what I do like, I like the most expensive, gourmet brand possible. For the most part I live on turkey sandwiches (yes, there is an expensive gourmet brand of deli turkey).

I am a moderate conservative. I completely disagree with the Democrats agenda, and I won't associate with the "Grand Old Party", they are not "Grand" nor are they the "Old Party".

I have a slight New York accent, even though I only visited a couple times. I went to school in southwestern Virginia and became disgusted with the accent I was starting to get so I actively changed my accent. It really comes out when I argue with people.

I live on sarcasm. I don't mean at least half of the things I say literately. I also try to take thing to the next level of odd to see if it can become funnier. This has gotten me in trouble occasionally, I don't mind that much as I consider them to be idiots if they can't take a joke.

My favorite humor is schadenfreude. I actively laugh at others misery, but I've always hated when it happens to me.

I love metaphors, but once again people don't get them. Maybe if it was a movie they could rewatch they could but they never try in real life.

All of my grandparents are dead. Two died when I was very young, the others more recently. I truly wish I could have known the ones who died when I was little, I hear many great stories about them and even more so, how my remaining grandparents changed after their spouses passed away. My friends, whom I did not have many, would tell me that they were glad that their grandparents were not in as bad shape as mine were. I couldn't be upset when they died. It was a relief for me and for the entire family waiting for the time to come.

I do not know what happens after death, but I do not believe it could be worse than anything we endure during life and I refuse to fear it.

I dislike my body.

As I said before, I'm about fifty pounds overweight. I hate looking at myself in the mirror. As long as I don't I forget what I really look like. In my mind I'm some type of perfect weight where my clothes fit perfectly and I don't have to be self conscience. I haven't been that thin since I was twelve.

I will be a clothes horse once I loose my weight. I love clothes. I wish men were allow and/or expected to dress up more often, hell, I already look great when I dress up. That said, I will really be happy when I can wear horizontal stripes, which is possibly a year away for me right now.

Twenty-two years and counting

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