Friday, January 22, 2010

Another day over

I wasted today. I woke up late (11:00 am) and immediately left to restock on turkey, as that is mostly what I live on. This means I didn't have breakfast until 12:30 (30 min shower and getting dressed, 15 min to get to Walmart, 15 min to get turkey, 15 mins in line, 15 to drive back, 15 min to make sandwich) and of course I waste time while eating so I didn't finish that until... lets not get into how much time I waste eating. Anyway, I turned on my laptop and started to check out my Google reader stuff and my email and posting on the NaNo forums. My mother came home and we ordered curbside Outback, we couldn't eat at Outback because my sister-in-law's baby shower is in a couple weeks (peanut is due on May 1st!) and my mother has suddenly realized that she needs to finish the things she is knitting for it (and decide if she's going up to Michigan for the shower). Afterward we watched Julie and Julia, which is one of the chick flicks I wanted to see. It was okay, but I felt like I wanted to see more.

So, I wasted a day. I should have written person statements for the jobs I'm applying to, and I might do it tonight as I do appear to be in a writing mood.

On the plus side I didn't eat that much today (unless you count the cheese fries). My mother's office has crates of oranges in it that no one eats so she's been taking them home. I've developed a taste for them and am having them on a nightly basis interspersing my grapes and raisins (does that seem redundant?). So healthy diet is getting a step up. Otherwise I feel guilty. I keep thinking that though my wrist still hurts, nothing is wrong with my spine and I should be doing crunches - just to get into the habit. I intend to start the hundred challenges again soon, once I don't have to worry about injuring myself. That is six weeks of physical therapy away, as it is my wrist feels better now than it has all day. Cortisone finally wore off.

Okay, I'm going to take medication and write a personal statement.

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