Thursday, January 14, 2010

We need more exploding vampires

As I said I saw Daybreakers in theaters yesterday. I liked it. It covers that mystery of why the vampires don't just take over. Still they keep some standbys, more so than even popular books and movies do. Vampires can't go without human blood, their brains turn to mush if they try. They also go nuts at the sight of blood, burn in the sunlight, and don't give a damn about humans. The humans are nearly extinct yet the vamps can't control themselves enough to not tear apart the few that they find. A realistic, more satisfying, version of vampires. The opening is a girl in her twenties (note the term "girl" and twenties) committing suicide by sunlight. That concept was brought up in Interview with the Vampire, but most people were too creeped out by it to continue in that vein.

I'm not sure how I feel about them continuing the tradition of vampires being harmed by sunlight. If you haven't heard, the sunlight thing was created to avoid copyright infringement during the filming of Nosferatu, the attempt failed and the production company was sued into bankruptcy by Bram Stoker's estate. Particularly when I was playing Dungeons and Dragons I found the restrictions on them immense. Sure, if you have a one on one battle with one your screwed, but up until then you have several dozen options to destory it or protect yourself - like building a moat (vampires cannot cross running water) or sleep in a church (they cannot enter consecrated ground) The ability to be safe in the sunlight takes a lot of the terror away. That's one reason I liked 30 Days of Night, because it took that option out of the mix.

And since I mentioned it in the title I have to mention I liked the exploding vampires. They never explain it, but it is just amusing.

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