Friday, January 8, 2010


So I'm back to my old routine. I killed a month working and have a little bit of money, but I've already gotten past the point where I feel like I can spend any of it. I'm looking for more work. Maybe some more retail to save to move. I made just over $1100 after taxes and I plan to file as soon as W2s show up. It is a great thing to be poor around tax season. I should get a couple hundred back. That's a couple hundred closer to moving out.

I feel ashamed. I haven't practiced drawing or rendering or model building, but I have nowhere to put things. My mother left all of the ornaments from the Christmas tree lying all over the living room, but I know I would never be allowed to do that. I have one other excuse, my wrist now hurts when I write. Remember, I'm not in grammer school anymore, the most writing I do by hand is a shopping list. Yeah, writing ten words hurts. A lot.

I have an appointment to fix it in a week, or at least an appointment to find out what's wrong with it, then get another appointment to fix it. Meanwhile, I started looking up images of the human wrist online (hint: look for the Gray's Anatomy ones) and have another possible diagnosis. This one more likely then the rest. Whatever good that is.

Until I've gotten the wrist thing figured out I'm being a little careful about jobs. Most theatre jobs I look at require you to lift fifty pounds easily. I can't actually do that right now, or I can, it just hurts a lot.

Well time for me to sleep. Trying to keep a schedule. Like that ever works.

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