Friday, January 29, 2010

New and Improved

Since my last post I've done two things-
  • I've changed the logo above to an image that matches the background
  • I've reworked the AoC Writing Blog to the AoC Design Blog.
The first one lead to the other. I wanted to make this site prettier, which is kind of hard to do on Blogger, so I opened Photoshop and got to it. several minutes later I came out with the beauty above.

Now I do make rounds to all of my websites everyday, including my portfolio, and even IU. So I have been looking at the writing blog for awhile and trying to figure out what to do there. I already had this blog here for personal use and I didn't want to put this one on my "professional" domain. It wasn't until I started working on the logo for AoC Design that I realized that I could use that site as a way to encourage myself to do more art. I do actually have my dA account still, but as I've mentioned before it depresses me to go over there, not to mention it is a social networking site and those things really give me a headache.

In other news my back hurts like hell. I think I wasn't using my right arm much because of the wrist thing and I'm feeling it now. Or it was the cortisone shooting up my arm, either way - ow. Still working on the new novel. Still behind, but after NaNoWriMo the numbers are so small and meaningless.


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