Saturday, June 27, 2009

Celebrities May Not Die in Peace: Michael Jackson

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A couple days have passed and the number one story still is that Michael Jackson is dead. Discount the fact that most people have suspected this for the last several years.

The other day I mentioned that people kept saying that he was so great and had changed music forever. After a day of watching coverage of his autopsy, I first would like to say that not producing any music for eight years (and a decade before that) should revoke the title "King of [insert musical genre]". Next, I can't think of many musicians that emulate his style. Boy bands, and their derivative solo acts, did to a degree, but they are not particularly popular currently and I feel that they tend to take the beat and tone, but they usually lack the style that Jackson had. It doesn't help that Jackson did ensemble dance pieces, which I can't think of any artist doing today. You get bits and pieces of it in some songs, like the Disturbia video, but most videos today are used for making the artist look "cool" not to help paint the visual image of the song, which is what Jackson did.

So how did he have such a great effect on music if no one follows his example?


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